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The network for innovation, education and research

Our bandwidth brings your potential to life

We offer a cost effective, fibre optic broadband network specially tailored for education, research and innovation sectors across metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.
Enabling organisations, projects and services that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, we invite you to think big and explore the potential using our dark fibre network.

Our communities



A world class network to support world class education and curriculum.

Schools, universities and colleges are ever evolving and taking advantage of the opportunites presented by technology. Our world class diverse fibre network allows technology to be used confidently to enrich curriculum and the online experience of teachers, students and school administrators.

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With our expertise and collaborations we can help you develop practical outcomes to ambitious challenges.

With no bandwidth restrictions, our ultra-fast, secure and reliable dark fibre network can support the research and development projects in your organisation, driving ground-breaking solutions.

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“We are connecting to speeds that are 20 times faster than our previous supplier. It’s cost effective and has enabled us to change the way we do business.”  – Tonsley Innovation Precinct, Operations Manager Zachary Bailey.

We are proud to be implementing GigCity on behalf of the South Australian Government as its GigCity implementation partner. As a GigCity, with high speed Internet, Adelaide is able to attract the businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups with ‘bandwidth hungry’ ideas, products and services that we need to transition to a modern and innovative economy.

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Private and secure site-to-site circuits and security hardware for maximum security and network resilience.

Cost effective

No lock-in contracts, flat fee for all circuits regardless of distance. Change ISPs whenever it suits you.

Fast and flexible

Supports 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G or higher network speeds. Design your own diversity requirements.


Our relationships, partnerships and joint activities are the hallmark of our success, expansion and innovation.

GigCity gives us ultimate responsiveness and ability to design on the fly – time is money and this is a new technology we are using, which means that everything is collaborative. Everything needs to be done in real-time.

Piers LincolnInstitute Manager, IPAS

One of our artists came through Northern Sound as a school kid, participated in the band programs, and she is now touring America and Europe full-time as a professional musician, not only because of high-speed internet but you can see how it forms part of the eco system that breeds success.

Ross ReadPrecinct Manager, Playford Creative Industries

Access to affordable, high-speed internet has been extremely vital for internal operations and overall business growth. It has enabled us to change the way we do business. Something that would take us a day now takes us 20 minutes.

Zachary BaileyOperations Manager, Healthy Technology
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