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Our Network

Who may use our network?

Under our operating charter, we are able to provide access to organisations across the education, research and innovation sectors, including schools, TAFE colleges, universities, research organisations and innovation precincts that establish a presence in South Australia. Education and research conducted in the private sector may also be considered subject to the operating charter of SABRENet and the conditions of its funding.

SABRENet was established with the purpose of supporting the provision of education and training, the conduct or coordination of research and the administration and support of those activities in Australia.

Read about our Eligibility Criteria here.

Where is our Network?

SABRENet spans much of the Adelaide metropolitan area, from Roseworthy in the north to Seaford in the south.
This map shows the approximate route of the SABRENet backbones.

Does SABRENet provide internet access?

SABRENet provides very high speed communication between sites connected directly to the network but SABRENet itself does not provide an internet service.  Instead, SABRENet enables access to connection points (called Points of Presence – POPs) from which other organisations can deliver internet services. You may choose your preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP). Partners we work with that provide ISP and other services include AARNet, Escapenet and Vocus. Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) has three POPs which allows AARNet members (the universities and CSIRO), schools and other eligible AARNet customers to access the internet via AARNet. SABRENet also connects to several commercial data centres from which commercial internet service providers can deliver internet access directly to sites on the SABRENet network.

Does SABRENet offer broadband for my business or home?

SABRENet is not intended for residential or general business use. SABRENet’s primary purpose is to satisfy the network requirements of organisations in the research and education sector. General businesses located within a GigCity Precinct can access high speed internet services via GigCity.

How is SABRENet maintained?

SABRENet is maintained on behalf of SABRENet Ltd by licensed telecommunications carrier Vocus (previously managed by Amcom Pty Ltd.) Under a long term agreement with SABRENet Ltd, Vocus is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the SABRENet infrastructure, including fault response and repair
  • Responding to Dial before You Dig enquiries relating to the SABRENet infrastructure
  • Providing a Nominated Carrier Declaration over the network.
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