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Data Centres

Connection, collaboration and capacity. What does it mean for you?

We partner with many data centres and understand the important role and services that data centres provide, in order to give you the connectivity you need.

Although all situations are unique, no matter what type of organisation you have, the best type of connectivity available, is connectivity to a data centre.

Data centres are the hub for all Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity. SABRENet’s dark fibre provides connectivity that you can control and maintain as you need. Furthermore, SABRENet’s dark fibre provides diverse connections ensuring you have a resilient network.

Whilst data centres are not all the same, there is a range of common services they all offer including;

  • Connectivity to carriers, network services, Internet, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and other sites
  • Colocation. Data hall rack space or dedicated customer rooms; the placement of IT hardware within data centre space
  • Network Services such as managed service providers
  • Network Fabrics & Software Defined Networking such as Console Connect and Megaport
  • Security of IT Hardware
  • Disaster Recovery Site accommodation and coworking space
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Operational Services (remote hands)
  • Redundant & resilient power, climate control, & connectivity systems
  • Cleanrooms

In addition, great data centres will offer temporary disaster recovery site accommodation for your ICT personnel and staff whist any issues are worked through. These facilities are much like serviced offices offering all the standard amenities, whist also offering LAN based connectivity to your infrastructure.

Data centres offer a degree of physical security and approved accessibility that is hard to achieve with on-premise equipment rooms. Combined with features such as N+1 redundancy systems within the power and air-conditioning systems, data centres provide a place to house your sensitive ICT infrastructure that is way beyond what most organisations can create, and maintain.

The SABRENet SMOF network is connected to many data centres across Adelaide:

If you are looking for data centres, network fabrics, carriers or service providers, visit Cloudscene where SABRENet is listed as a service provider.

If you’d like to know more, contact us. We can offer advice and connect you with experts within our extensive data centre partnership network to discuss your unique networking and ICT needs. You can also download our brochure for more information.