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Internet for education: Schools, universities and colleges are ever evolving and taking advantage of the opportunities presented by technology. Our world class diverse fibre network allows technology to be used confidently to enrich curriculum and the online experience of teachers, students and school administrators.

Some of the innovative ways our network is currently being used in educational institutions:

  • Providing fast access to media rich content
  • Sharing knowledge and resources with experts and classrooms around the world through simultaneous video conferencing sessions
  • Interactive lessons and simulated experiences through high quality virtual reality experiences being created by museums and creative organisations around the world
  • Sharing large files
  • Online real time collaboration and documentation
  • Robotics, 3D printing and data analytics
  • Cloud hosted student and other management systems
  • Improving business processes and the student, parent, school management experience
  • World class online professional development resources for teachers.

The above is simply not possible with a megabit solution. Your school’s curriculum and technology ambitions have no bandwidth limits with SABRENet.

See our brochures for more information on how SABRENet benefits schools and higher education/RTOs.


A Collaboration Success Story

Collaboration is a fundamental part of our success.

We collaborate with AARNet to provide a highly effective and simple connection service for the education sector. Our members include Flinders University, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and the South Australian State Government including TAFE colleges, research organisations and teaching hospitals.

Case Study

Northern Sound System (Playford Creative Industries) – Pump up the volume

The original concept for Playford Creative Industries was a community music hub for the general public to be involved in music creation and generation.  Northern Sound System is not only music oriented but also focused heavily on youth community development, the combination of which has driven a lot of its success. It provides training, support, school based activities and mentorship opportunities as well as offering lessons in song writing, digital media, visual effects and gaming.

With GigCity we have been able to put on concerts for all sorts. We have collaborated with Northern Adelaide Senior College where we live broadcast the workshop and could only do so because of the super-fast internet from GigCity.

Ross ReadPrecinct Manager

“GigCity has decentralised all the content we have available for our users so that it’s all on tap for them at any time. We have started doing VR/AR collaborations, which has been very cool, and we have done some trial programs and game creation in collaboration with other precincts – so you can have everyone in the same virtual world working together in real-time and this has been amazing.

“Even just the day-to-day stuff where users will record a music track and put it straight into the web; these things weren’t practical or achievable before. One of our artists came through Northern Sound as a school kid, participated in the band programs, and she is now touring America and Europe full-time as a professional musician, not only because of high-speed internet but you can see how it forms part of the eco system that breeds success.”

“We attract anyone from skate park users and at-risk youth as young as 8-10 years old, right through to focused music industry participants who are not yet at commercial level but are looking for help and support to get there. We a run a program every Monday called “New to Country” for migrant students (and any students really!) that is more of a drop-in thing and is an opportunity for artists to get together in a casual, relaxed environment. We have a huge take up from African migrants – the art drives the majority of the evening and it happens vicariously because people are coming together on the basis of their similar interests.

“We tailor our activities to these genres where we can get like-minded people together doing the same activity, no matter what their level.

“It’s amazing to see and it’s so important to offer this kind of space/environment in this area where young people can come in, have fun and feel included.”