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Makers Empire, based at the Lot Fourteen innovation precinct, is a company of world leading visionaries in 3D design software. They aim to develop children’s creative confidence and design thinking skills through their fun and easy 3D design app and 3D printing program.

Their 3D printing solution is used by nearly 2 million students around the world, with over 100,000 designs created every day. Makers Empire gives teachers the tools, skills and resources to confidently teach Design & Technology curricula and engage students in authentic, real-world problem solving.

With that kind of reach, the communication requirements are high. It was imperative to have fast internet for video calls, plus fast data download and upload speeds. Makers Empire initially connected to GigCity when they resided at St Paul’s Creative Centre co-working space. The fast internet and unlimited bandwidth met their needs. They have since moved to the Lot Fourteen innovation precinct with a seamless transition to a new GigCity connection.

“It’s been fantastic to be able to use the GigCity connection due to its speed and reliability. It’s reassuring not to have to worry about the quality of the network connection”, states Roland Peddie, Co-founder and CTO.

He continues, “We have found the fast internet and the unlimited bandwidth make it easier to work with overseas customers and team members, and improves efficiency when working with large amounts of data.”

Makers Empire is planning to continue to reside at Lot Fourteen, enjoying the GigCity connection. Staff members have appreciated the connection speed, the reliability of video calls and efficient data transfer. Roland Peddie reiterates, “For us it makes things easier, more efficient, and higher quality and we look forward to continued value from the existing benefits.”

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GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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