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The Innovation Grid is a unique micro-office and coworking space that accommodates small and micro businesses, giving them the space to grow without the high overheads and legal aspects usually associated with a lease space.

Located at the world-first Fluid Solar House, the Innovation Grid is able to provide a home to networking and growth in a unique collaborative workplace with smart tech assisted comfortable work spaces and access to the GigCity network. The environment is stunning, with unique solar thermal technology powering the building year round.

A major and well appreciated feature of the GigCity network connection, is access to super fast, gigabit internet and unlimited bandwidth.

The Real Estate Agents Group resides in The Innovation Grid and joined its GigCity network in order to integrate with the Health and Medical Innovation Precinct surrounding the Lyell McEwin hospital. This location in northern Adelaide, also features access to nearby manufacturing facilities and a suite of mentoring and local start-up assistance programs.

The Real Estate Agents Group also has the role of liaising with potential tenants, showing them the facilities and promoting and explaining the benefits.

Real Estate Agents Group Director, Dave Stockbridge explains that The Innovation Grid “enjoys the reliable delivery of the internet and the perceived prestige and legitimacy that having GigCity internet lends to our smaller tenants, enabling them to compete with larger businesses with world class infrastructure.” His property services tenants have reported a valuable security feature, of being able to share files within their network and with many government agencies effectively and securely.

A further benefit, he explains, is to be able to communicate within the network  effectively and to have the capacity to cater to more users at a time. “We see GigCity as the perfect internet partner being a world class local provider. This brand resonates now more than ever.”

The Innovation Grid team sees the challenge going forward being to encourage more precincts and business to adopt the network so they can enjoy the benefits of the network across more sectors.

Those benefits are reflected in future plans. ”GigCity offers us the ability to scale our future without having to upgrade our internet as GigCity has the capacity to match our dreams and aspirations”.

The Innovation Grid:

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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