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Prospect Road is much more than shops and dwellings. It is an intelligent community recently celebrated on the world stage and a place for innovative businesses to thrive.

Connected to the GigCity network, the City of Prospect Innovation Precinct comprises Council offices, the Community Hub Library, Newmarch Gallery and Innovation Centre in the Payinthi building, office spaces, the Little City Coworking and Business Hub serviced offices.

Many innovative council and community-led initiatives have transformed Prospect into a desirable location for people to work, live, study, connect and play within. This includes the GigCity high-speed internet connectivity, as well as innovative community consultations, Council’s state-of-the-art Payinthi building, imaginative STEM education programs in local schools, environmental initiatives, and collaborative works with community artists.

“We were one of the first councils to recognise the importance of emerging technologies and the positive impact they have on our community and its local economy. The GigCity Adelaide network is essential in attracting high end, data intensive businesses, such as defence and multimedia,” said Mayor Matt Larwood.

GigCity connectivity is a coveted feature and benefit of working in the Prospect Road Innovation Precinct, especially for companies that seek to be at the centre of a bustling, business and café culture. It is the perfect location for larger scale companies, local professionals and also home based businesses.

The GigCity connected Little City Coworking  has a mix of private offices, permanent desks,meeting rooms and breakout spaces to allow flexible working options. Offering the functionality of a modern workplace without the ‘corporate’ feeling. In keeping with the innovative Prospect Road ethos, the coworking is an affordable option, fostering connections, collaboration and increasing productivity.

Long term resident, Luke says, “Coming up to the 5th year of operating our Adelaide office out of Little City and absolutely no intentions of changing. Super helpful management, friendly co-residents, excellent value for money, fast Internet and a fantastic location make Little City the perfect place to work out of for sole traders and small businesses.”

Prospect’s intelligent community celebrated on global stage

Recently the City of Prospect’s social and digital success was recognised by being named as a finalist in the global Intelligent Community of the Year Awards.

The Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) is a global network that connects cities and regions across five continents to collaborate on economic development and community growth in the digital age. Each year, the ICF crowns one city its Intelligent Community of the Year.

City of Prospect’s journey began earlier this year when the council area was selected as one of the Top 7 Intelligent Community Finalists. While compiling materials for each stage of the award nomination process, they took time to reflect on their achievements and to speak to members of the community.

They conducted many interviews with community members, including artists, residents, school students, businesses, Members of Parliament and CEOs, and were again reminded of those within their community whose passion, talent, and drive has contributed to making Prospect the vibrant urban hotspot it is.

At October’s Intelligent Community Forum Global Summit in Ohio, City of Prospect delegates spoke on the development of the community and the benefits of collaboration. They received a lot of interest in the innovative businesses, sustainable solutions and the pioneering community that has revolutionised the Prospect area.

Although City of Prospect didn’t win Intelligent Community of the Year, being named a Top 7 finalist is a brilliant achievement and recognises the new paths they are creating to lasting prosperity for their residents, businesses and institutions. They are also drawing upon their learnings and considering ways to integrate new ideas and innovations into their operations. The future is certainly looking bright for this unique, eclectic, innovative and intelligent community.

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state. Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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