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With more than one cyber crime reported every 10 minutes, secure online connectivity is paramount. Ransomware attacks alone cost the Australian economy $1.4B last year. As the opportunities of the digital world have increased, so have cyber threats. aizoOn, is an international technology company from Italy, with an Australian subsidiary since 2013, and a cyber security business based in Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen innovation precinct.

As a global engineering, scientific oriented company, aizoOn has a broader offering in Italy, than cyber security, however in Australia, cyber security is its core business, utilising products built in Italy as well as managed services and consultancy in the cyber field. aizoOn’s services cover IT, the business systems that run a typical organisation, and OT, machine to machine. They work with enterprises, as diverse as telcos to NDIS services, government departments, and any large business.  All companies and government departments need to have a cyber strategy and a technology stack in place; aizoOn is industry neutral bringing global experience and expertise from customers across Europe, the USA and Australia. Managed services incorporate an i-SOC included with aizoOn products, featuring an Enterprise grade Web Application Firewall (WAF) and the ‘aramis’ Network Detection platform for Enterprise, with specialised cyber solution services. The aizoOn WAF – ‘Mithril’ broadens aizoOn’s reach from large Enterprise to the broader SME market, leveraging the Cloud for Enterprise grade- SME accessible service.

With approximately 500 employees in Italy and a further 100 across the globe, aizoOn’s work is highly collaborative, requiring the use of high bandwidth tools such as video conferencing, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Constant communication with multiple stakeholders, across different time zones and workspaces, has meant that fast internet and reliability is crucial.

At Lot Fourteen, aizoOn is based within co-working space, Stone & Chalk, which is connected to the ultra-fast GigCity service. As part of the Stone & Chalk membership, aizoOn has benefitted from the reliability and speed of the GigCity connection.

Australian Executive of aizoOn, Harvey Marcus, explains that he has confidence around the collaborative meetings, stating that “the connection is fast and reliable. The speed also saves time”. He continues, “I regularly create and collaborate on content, generating very large documents such as tenders, RFTs and RFIs, and even the relatively simple task of printing such large documents is so much faster with GigCity.”

Harvey Marcus sitting at his desk at Stone & Chalk

Harvey Marcus at his co-working space, Stone & Chalk

Companies at the moment are looking at how well they are complying with the ‘Essential 8’, cyber security protocols to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. aizoOn helps with the Essential 8 compliance and works within that framework as well as the OWASP 10 framework. aizoOn is a founding member of the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (a3c) where they delivered their ‘Pilot’ training on Incident Handling – now available as a Ç Suite’ programme. They are also working with AustCyber and another S&C partner to deliver a ‘Malware Analysis’ course.

As well as the training business function, aizoOn also provides Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VaPT). They have a dedicated team striving for best practice globally for their VaPT and Phishing Campaign services, which, with the assistance of technology, they can work from Europe for Australian customers during off-peak times.

Harvey Marcus reiterates, “aizoOn as a collaborative, cyber security focussed enterprise, relies on consistent high-speed broadband to conduct its business locally and internationally.”

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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