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The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), based in Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen innovation precinct, is helping to build cyber awareness and resilience in Australian corporates, SMEs, Government and Defence.

Leading the creation and sustainability of Australia’s cyber community, A3C helps enterprises launch new cyber products and services to global markets. They are a member based not-for-profit organisation, connecting leaders, thinkers and doers with opportunities to learn, activate businesses, adapt to change and solve challenges within the digital domain.

The A3C provides access to full spectrum cyber courses to increase the supply of skilled cyber workers. They help solve real world cyber challenges through collaboration and build cyber awareness and resilience along the value chain.

As part of the Lot Fourteen precinct, A3C is keen to support South Australian government initiatives and as such when they were looking for a vendor agnostic internet provider, they considered the GigCity fast internet connection. Proving to have many benefits they were looking for, such as being cost effective, flexible and reliable, they also appreciated that GigCity service provider Escapenet had the requisite knowledge and experience to provide this service.

Connecting in June 2020, A3C was keen to leverage the GigCity capability and redundancy on site. The fast internet services support their Cyber Test Range facility and the corporate networking requirements.

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre

The Cyber Test Range is a facility that organisations can use to carry out security testing of equipment or network configurations in the knowledge that their production networks are safe from interference. It provides a mix of internet facing and isolated networks for local cyber startups to showcase their tools to their fullest in a safe environment.

Mike Barber, CEO of A3C explains, ”The GigCity fast internet connection enables us to network and also service our Cyber Test Range facility reliably. We have been able to run training and simulation in real time that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve otherwise”.

The A3C has a strong network of national and international cyber security partnerships, and has developed an ecosystem that  provides an opportunity for Australian education, industry and business sectors to come together.

Mike Barber continues, “We are committed to growing the nation’s reputation as a cyber security leader that delivers smart solutions and provides economic stimulus in this new world. The GigCity flexible solution allows us to scale up in the future, providing confidence and resilience.”

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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