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Floodlight is a visual content agency, that exists to create high quality content across a variety of mediums, such as video, 3D graphics, photography, design, time lapse and live streaming. They specialise in offering creative solutions to meet their clients’ strategic objectives.

Knowing that fast internet speeds, reliability of connection and extra bandwidth were imperative to their creative projects, they were driven to explore options that would enable them to compete internationally and deliver the quality outcomes required.

Based at SA Film Corporation at Glenside, the company connected to GigCity in 2017. Discovering the new GigCity offering excited their passions as they could see the benefits immediately. The biggest reason was the speed. “It was so much faster than our current connection and speed is such an important part of our workflow,” explains Justin Counihan, Managing Director.

In order to connect to GigCity, they needed agreement from all tenants in their building. Initially there was some difficulty as most tenants had simple internet requirements and just didn’t have the need for super fast speeds or extra bandwidth and reliability. Justin and his team campaigned for the connection to be adopted and fortunately, without too much resistance, they were soon on their way to blistering speeds.

Floodlight is a visual content agency

Floodlight also has an office in Melbourne which was already working remotely. Remote digital collaboration was required in order to work together. The dedicated fibre connection provides low latency, meaning no delays or lags during connection. “This is extremely important to us and we have found that speed has always been consistently fast through the GigCity hardware. Our Melbourne staff are able to access everything, enabling productive and effective collaboration.”

In March 2020, the unexpected COVID situation created challenges and unpredictability. With their projects utilising the fast speeds and reliable internet connection of the office, they were initially unsure whether they would be able to continue the projects with staff working from home.

“Our staff members are IT skilled and have an understanding of technology as well as having NBN connections at home. This helped with the transition of working from home, but still would not have been possible without the reliability and speed of the GigCity connection,” states Justin.

“We were able to edit video and 3D graphics from home by mirroring our computers onto our staff member’s home computers. This GigCity connection with its fast speeds, has made our staff member’s lives easier. The speed and consistency of connection has enabled complex projects to be undertaken at home. It has meant that our staff has been able to stay safe and stay at home. The streamlined workflow that the connection afforded them, meant they weren’t forced to come back into the office and our workflow wasn’t affected by the lockdown”.


”Using GigCity has increased our efficiency and our ability to work with clients interstate and internationally. It has allowed us to counter and respond to unforeseen issues and come up with dynamic solutions to allow our business to keep running.” 
Justin Counihan, Managing Director.

Although video editing and 3D graphics are the two key areas that have benefitted most from the GigCity connection, across all projects is the need to upload and download data to clients, whether they be local, interstate or international. “We can do this with any file size and do it ridiculously fast. We don’t even have to think about the file size, which allows us to focus on our content, strategy and client objectives without distraction or compromise,” enthuses Justin. They also remotely back up data offsite, which is uploaded through GigCity quickly and reliably.

Looking to the future, as quality of footage increases, they will in turn be able to continue to provide the optimum quality to their clients. “We see the GigCity connection adding even more value as remote working becomes more popular. The sky is the limit with what we can do with this connection.”

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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