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The Australia-wide SAGE Group of companies is revolutionising the world we live in; creating a better, more sustainable future for everyone. With this type of innovative and forward thinking, it is an excellent fit for its South Australian premises to be residing in the world-class Tonsley Innovation District.

The SAGE Group of companies combines the best thinking with the Internet of Things to reduce error, improve efficiency, increase safety whilst being world leaders in innovation, manufacturing, resources, utilities and infrastructure.

The Tonsley Innovation District is part of the GigCity network, which enables access to gigabit internet and unlimited bandwidth, allowing the most innovative and bandwidth hungry ideas to be realised.

GigCity has assisted SAGE to achieve connectedness within the group of companies, SAGE Automation, Nukon, Embedded Expertise and Skills Lab, as well as with their customers. Jason Taylor, General Manager of Business Services explains, “With customers all around Australia and across the world, having the fast internet connection was really exciting, because it meant we could do things that we couldn’t do before without GigCity.”

There was a seamless transition from their previous IP to the GigCity connection, which immediately enabled other aspects of their business. “It really allowed us to accelerate our cloud strategy and that was something we weren’t able to achieve before. With the additional bandwidth we were able to push a lot more data to and from the cloud, thus accelerating our business processes and some of the resiliency projects we were working on.”

SAGE is a very mobile company with staff working all over Australia as well as customers being location diverse. By having high speed access back to their core business systems, staff are able to work much more efficiently. Data is transferred easily between their main infrastructure and their staff out in the field.

One of SAGE’s core strategies is to build a capability for their national operation centre, to enable servicing of all clients remotely across Australia and the world. Jason Taylor outlines one of the benefits; “Having access to GigCity means that we have high speed access to our customers’ systems so we can respond and provide them support faster than we could before.”

Whilst technology is changing every part of our lives at an unprecedented pace, SAGE is constantly posing the question, “How can we make our world a better place?” Using the latest innovations in technology they acknowledge that having access to high speed internet is a core part of their business, with so many connected devices and systems that need fast connectivity. “GigCity is a real enabler for our business and really will help us in the future to implement our innovative strategies.”

The SAGE Group:

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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