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“We welcome collaboration from every corner of the globe. From our peers, our neighbours, and our interstate and international partners. We leverage our individual talents, embrace diversity, and promote inclusiveness.”
Chris Kirk, General Manager Adelaide.

Stone & Chalk is Australasia’s leading independent, nonprofit technology innovation hub, whose aim is to nurture, connect and propel entrepreneurs seeking to solve the worlds most pressing challenges. Established in the Adelaide innovation precinct, Lot Fourteen, last year, Stone & Chalk has rapidly become a centre of gravity for the innovation ecosystem in South Australia.

”We’re a home for like-minded entrepreneurial genius to meet and to create the future. Our spirit is contagious. We pick each other up when we’re struggling, and we celebrate each other’s successes.”

Space to connect

That spirit can be felt throughout the building, with tasteful blocks of vibrant colour, breakout spaces, high ceilings, motivational wall quotes, community messaging and space to breathe and think. Not to mention the balcony bar with fresh air, colourful seating, nooks as well as open space, and views of historic Adelaide buildings. An environment to nurture and inspire creative, critical and lateral thinking.

Stone and Chalk

Stone & Chalk brings together founders, investors, industry, and government stakeholders and mentors into one powerful Impact Network™ which drives growth, recognition, and commercialisation. They support startups & scaleups by providing structured programs and facilitating access to customers, capital, talent, expertise, community and insights.

Stone & Chalk boasts some impressive statistics. Where 90% of startups fail in their first five years, Stone & Chalk has a proven track record of 80% success rate for commercialising success for their residents. Their startups have collectively raised over $500M in capital investment. Across their 3 hubs of Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, they have; 850 residents, 219 startups, 30 of which are exporting to Asia, North America and Europe and 26 corporate partners collaborating with Stone & Chalk innovators.

Community and collaboration are integral to an environment that breeds success, experimenting, learning and teaching. General Manager Adelaide, Chris Kirk explains, “Reaching out to the broader community, particularly during the Covid pandemic, has seen Stone & Chalk running online sessions featuring key note speakers and expert panels on a range of technology related subjects, inspiring debate, ideas and sharing of knowledge. By being located in the Lot Fourteen innovation precinct, Stone & Chalk has access to ultra fast internet and unlimited bandwidth of the GigCity network connection. “Our video live streaming events have become a valuable way to share ideas and to connect with our community. Having a reliable and fast internet connection with low latency has enabled us to run uninterrupted online sessions and has become a valuable tool,” states Chris.

“Being a change-maker takes guts. Throwing out the rule book takes courage. Going the hard yards and driving business as un-usual takes inspiration. Impacting change for a better tomorrow takes a community.” 
Stone & Chalk is leading the way.

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state. Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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