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The Ads Manager is a Google Ads digital marketing agency based in the Gawler Business Innovation Hub.  Using their expertise in Google Ads, The Ads Manager helps small to medium sized e-commerce, restaurant and service based businesses increase calls, leads and sales.

At the time of connecting to GigCity in 2019, they were concerned about outages with their wireless connection at their home office. Fast internet speeds and reliability of connection are imperative in their ability to service their clients. They were thrilled with the immediate results that the GigCity connection provided.

“The speed was so great that we found our productivity increased. We never realised how much time we would spend each day waiting for our console to load. But 5 seconds 300+ times per day certainly adds up!”, enthuses company founder, Chris Whitbread.

Chris & Alicia Whitbread

Chris & Alicia Whitbread

“Our business operates 100% online. Without fast internet, everything happens slower. We strive to be the fastest responding Google Ads agency for our clients. This cannot be interrupted by an outage or slow connection.”

As specialists in creating effective Google Ads, The Ads Manager has a laser focus requiring them to keep up with the latest updates, trends and secrets of optimisation. Their bid adjustment software and high powered tracking system usage are enhanced by the speed and reliability of the GigCity connection.

Connecting with other businesses is an important part of The Ads Manager’s work and the COVID-19 situation this year created challenges, however with the speed and reliability of the GigCity connection, these challenges were overcome and The Ads Manager was able to grow their business significantly. Chris explains, “We were able to connect with business across Australia and the USA focussing on e-commerce sales. It gave us the opportunity to adapt.”

The extra speed and reliability afforded by the GigCity connection, enables the staff to achieve outcomes faster. This has benefitted both workers and customers as orders are fulfilled faster and they can respond more quickly to the market updates. This has had an astounding affect, not only on the practicalities of the business, but on the work-life balance as well. “We literally started taking half days on Friday because we were getting everything done. Obviously this was well received by everyone involved in the day to day operations of the business.”

Chris Whitbread adds, “I would highly recommend making the switch to GigCity for any businesses that are growing in the current climate. The pandemic has made it clear that every business needs to have an online strategy. The experience you have interacting with your online business will be determined by your equipment and your connection. Enhance your online experience and go get ‘em!”

Chris and The Ads Manager team are looking to a bright future, with plans to continue to grow and expand the business including expanding their team in 2021. “We will continue to be a leading Google Ads agency that has an advantage over other agencies. We have developed the right skills, but now also have the best possible tools which many others do not.”

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GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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