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The impact of cybersecurity risk is constantly growing. Local industries and all levels of government are being tested by the changing landscape. The increasing adoption of internet connected devices (IoT) and mobile smart devices, has increased the vulnerabilities further.

While national initiatives tend to focus on large companies, utilities and government, smaller companies can be left to their own devices to secure their businesses. CyberOps is a growing company offering cybersecurity services, not only to large businesses, but is equally supporting the small business sector. They do this by taking their customers on a journey that includes building awareness, providing targeted advice, carrying out workshops and informal assessments and providing resources and services to build resilience.

CyberOps provides services in the areas of Defence, Space, Government and corporate environments. In addition they are developing a product in the Space Domain Awareness market requiring regular interfacing with other groups to carry out R&D and proof of concept activities.


CyberOps has been a member of the Stone & Chalk co-working space in the Lot Fourteen innovation precinct since its inception. Stone & Chalk proffers an environment of growth and opportunity and as such, CyberOps’ upscaling and growth is a success story, necessitating their recent move to larger premises.

Previously appreciating the benefits of the GigCity fast internet connection, CyberOps wished to continue using GigCity in their new location. Being in Lot Fourteen they were involved in the innovation ecosystem, which allowed them to collaborate with other local companies and their international partners.

“Many of the organisations we work with, and for, are also GigCity customers. We are aiming for a seamless and speedy collaboration experience with them”, explains Daniel Floreani. “We chose GigCity to allow us to collaborate with other local companies and also our international partners.”

The GigCity benefits of speed, resilience and security are very important to CyberOps as the cybersecurity side of their business relies on a high speed link to the internet to carry out much of their work. The space industry side of their activities increasingly involves moving large data sets from remote sensors into their office for further processing. They collaborate extensively with overseas companies as part of their space and cyber activities. Daniel Floreani explains, “Through GigCity we are looking to derive efficiencies from being able to move data around at a faster and more efficient cost.”CyberOps has moved to their new GigCity premises and intends to grow further as a business to offer more services in the Defence, Space and Government sectors, to ensure organisations are ready to meet their compliance and operational requirements as well as to operate securely and sustainably.

GigCity is a Government of South Australia initiative delivering affordable, high-speed internet to innovation precincts across the state.

Participating businesses experience gigabit speed broadband, enabling greater collaboration between colleagues and easy sharing with clients around the world.

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